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Competition 2001-2002

Throughout the season 2001-2002 you will find questions randomly posted on the front page of Pete's WALSALL Portal.
They will also be added here as and when I can remember. Once you know the answers to THREE CONSECUTIVE questions e-mail me at and you stand to win one of the following prizes:

1. A super HK Saddlers t-shirt. New version. So hush hush I've not even seen one yet! If you want one of these, please state size required, bearing in mind that HK sizes are somewhat smaller than British sizes. As a rough guide, my wife, who is 5'3'' and petite by British standards, is regarded as XL in these parts. (Please don't tell her I said so!)


2. An HK baseball cap. Not sure yet whether I can do an HK Saddlers version.


3. A Marks and Spencers gift voucher worth HK$100. Yes, we have Marks and Spencers in Sha Tin!


4. A video featuring Walsall - no matter how briefly (I am thinking here of Fever Pitch, for example, where we do get a mention!)


5. Any other prizes which may be made available during the season.


When you enter, please state which prize you would like to be eligible for, or state "POT LUCK" if you're not particularly bothered.       E-mail:



Quiz question number 1: How many HK Saddlers will be at the Worthington Cup match at Exeter in August?